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King & McGaw is an art publisher and online retailer. It supplies high quality art prints and products to museums, galleries and retail stores as well as art prints direct to consumers through its online retail site. Production is based in their 50,000 sq ft (4,600 m2) factory in Newhaven, Sussex.

A former employee said this in a review: "The problem here lies in the management of King & McGaw and the endless exploitation of the workforce by the managing director and the 'easy family' (owner of easyArt) that pushes for large profits that never make their way down to the people who are burdened with the workloads".


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Former Employee - Instructor says

"Not much room for growth. Bad franchise owners can make classroom management a safety issue. Good franchise owners offer good support, but you never know when they may sell out/retire. Not something you can make a living at."

Grooming Salon Manager (Former Employee) says

"clean work environment, great benefits, large company, and heavy traffic. Good for business! Management can be hypocritical in departments there not familiar with.Benefits, pay is every fridaymanagement"

Navraj says

"Bought a large Warhol print which they stated had a border. It arrived with no border at all. Evidently, they have very little understanding of prints and framing. Will get my money back from them."

Jack says

"I ordered an unframed print which arrived promptly. I noticed that in the bottom right corner of the print was a 20+ digit code of random numbers. I intended to frame my print without a mount, and this code was visible and an eyesore when framed. I contacted customer service who assured me that this was supposed to be there as this was a barcode that related to my order (?). I questioned the need for it as the consumer, and why it was printed on the front of the print and not the back and received no clear logical answer. Ultimately I wasn’t notified that this would feature on the print anywhere through purchase process (they said they weren’t able to show this information on the website?) and it ruins the aesthetic of the art that they’re selling. Although I received a good quality print at a very good price, this was an unpleasant surprise. Just something for other buyers to be aware of."

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